Just the Beginning

This is just the beginning and I am excited. There is much work to be done and many people to thank – but we are close.

The process of composing, recording, and assembling this up coming album has taught me a great deal about myself. Mostly about what I thought I knew, and what is actually true. I knew I was ambitious, but I under estimated the amount of work that goes into a project like this. That is also why I am incredibly thankful for the people who have helped along the way.

I am surrounded by a fantastic and extremely supportive group of friends and family, both near and far. The encouragement I receive from these people is priceless, and vital to my success in life.

And so this first post is a “Thank You”. To all the lunch dates, phone conversations, the unending email chains, and yes, the pep talks. Constant pep talks. I would not be where I am today without the help and encouragement of everyone I hold near and dear. This is because of you.


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